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Local apartment tenants issue pleas for repairs


"Pitiful. Sad," said Tina Mills, resident of Shady Oaks Two Apartments in Petal.

That's how Mills describes the conditions at her apartment.

"Well, we have mold growing in our apartments. The lights in our bathrooms don't work half the time," said Mills.

Mills lives on the top floor, and her mother lives below her.

"Doors falling off the hinges. We have toilets that keep running. We have sinks that keep running. We have water that runs behind walls," said Mills.

Mills says there are other problems, but when she calls the owner and manager of the place.  

"Sean Hancock and his brother, Josh Hancock is managing," said Mills.

She says it doesn't help.

"The first of the month he will return phone calls, after that no phone calls," said Mills.

Mills added, she now fears losing her apartment for speak out.

"Unless ramifications are going to happen by him, we don't know. You never know, but down the road, I think so, because of the story," said Mills.

Sandra Simmons, another resident, says she experiences the same problems, and is now living with out a working air conditioner. She says more than two weeks ago Josh Hancock turned it off, and Simmons says she over heard him saying so the day he did it.

"He made a statement to the guy that be working with him, 'I'm taking theirs.'  That is all I could hear. 'I'm going to take it too , because they ain't paying no rent,' " said Simmons.

Simmons says the only month she hasn't paid rent is May, but she hasn't been able to work in months.

"I had open heart surgery, with bypass and leaky valves. They had to drain off my valves, and get me new valves," said Simmons.

Simmons says she was in the hospital from February 29 until April, and lost her job during that time. She says the Salvation Army offered to help her with rent, but it was never accepted by the management of the complex.

"He would never answer them," said Simmons.

Simmons added when she calls the manager, Josh Hancock, about her air conditioner, she never gets a response. Simmons says he knows she had heart surgery, and knows the air doesn't work, but when she saw him at the complex recently she says he had no sympathy.

"He said he couldn't worry about that right now. He worried about the rent. You need to come up with your rent," said Simmons.

Simmons says she has income pending with social security and disability, she just needs time to heal and a little understanding from others.

"Everybody is rushing to get money, but ain't nobody worried that I could have been dead and gone,"said Simmons.

Residents just want the issues in their apartments fixed. For a few days now, New Seven has been unsuccessful at reaching management for the complex to get some answers.

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