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Tips on how not to be an auto burglary victim


During the summer months the number of auto burglaries typically go up.

Thieves are targeting items like electronic devices, purses and wallets, backpacks and anything else that could contain money.

There are several ways to make yourself less likely to be a victim. One is to park in open spaces. Thieves often look for vehicles they can enter with less of chance of being seen. Other tips include always lock your vehicle and don't leave anything of value in plain sight.

"If they are walking along looking in cars and they happen to see a purse or a lap top or anything else of value, they are going to take the time to break that window and take whatever you have," said Eric Proulx, Hattiesburg Police, Public Information Officer.

Proulx added that auto burglaries are mostly crimes of opportunity. Don't give anyone an opportunity to make you a victim.

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