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No tuition increase at WCU


School has never been cheap, but for some William Carey students it just got a little bit more affordable as the university announced Thursday that there will be no tuition increase for the 2012-2013 academic year. 

"I don't eat out or go to movies," said WCU student, Josh Willis.  Those are just a few of the sacrifices that Josh has made to attend William Carey. Typically on a weekend, you'll him working at one of his part-time jobs instead of hanging out with friends or enjoying the summer, but that all work, no play schedule could change soon."       

"For a third consecutive year, there will be no general tuition increase at William Carey University, said WCU President, Tommy King.  For a student like Josh who relies on scholarships that means more financial freedom. 

"It's made a profound impact on me because like most students I rely on financial aide," commented Josh.  William Carey stands alone in not increasing its tuition.  Mississippi's public universities are expected to increase their tuition by an average of 8.5 percent;  that's almost a $460 increase per year.  USM's Vice President of Student Affairs, Joe Paul, urges college bound men and women not to be dissuaded by the numbers.

"Comparing private education to public education is really like comparing apples to oranges," said Paul.  Southern Miss will have a tuition increase come Fall, but it will still be lower than what students pay to attend most public universities. 

"Our tuition for the Fall will be $3,168.  That is well below the average for national public universities which will $8,000.  We always want to keep higher education affordable," said Paul.  That makes the load just a little lighter to bear for Josh, and maybe one less part-time job.   

"Things are looking a little easier," said Josh.

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