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Hattiesburg commemorates fallen soldiers in Memorial Day service


It was hot and everyone was sweating, but no one seemed restless at the Memorial Day service for Hattiesburg's fallen soldiers Monday morning.

The Mississippi born-and-raised names were read - 173 of them - many of them sounded All-American; names like Stewart and Adams and MaGee, Blount and Bunch.

Tony Davis' son Anthony MaGee was the last soldier from Hattiesburg killed in battle.

"Anthony was the kind of child that you didn't have a problem with," said Davis. "He always did what he was supposed to do. When he became a man it was even easier. This is his son Cameron and he supported him and did what he was supposed to do and Anthony was also an organ donor - through him five people have a better way of life. He was a giving person he'd give you the shirt off his back - a good guy."

Anthony's son Cameron is seven years old, he said his dad was "great".

There was a 21 gun salute - loud and startling, it reminded some of battles they've fought, and left other wondering if that's what war sounds like.

Retired Army General Jeff Hammond said he lost 94 men serving under his command in Iraq.

"Every one of these soldiers, their life is a story, it's a life, it touches hearts, it's people and the real loss is that small communities like this don't have the joy that comes when one of these soldiers returns home," said Hammond.

Hammond told the crowd that every day - even this holiday - there are quote "hearts so broken" as chaplains knock on doors across the country with a fateful message.

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