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WDAM Viewpoint - Click it or Ticket

The state of Mississippi has a very good campaign going emphasizing the need for wearing seat belts and informing the public that there is indeed a monetary penalty now in effect for not doing so.  Many years ago, I started making it a practice to buckle up every time I get in  a vehicle after a friend about the same age as I was at the time was killed in a relatively minor accident that would hardly have given him a scratch had he been wearing a seat belt.  It's a small but intelligent price to pay to potentially save your life.  While we're on the subject of safe driving—can there be anything more fool-hardy then texting while driving?  I was told by a spokesman for the Mississippi Highway Patrol several years ago that the percentage of accidents caused by this practice was staggering.  I would frankly rather meet a drunk driver on the road than someone who was pre-occupied with texting while driving.  Experts say it is more dangerous.  It's only been a few years that we have had texting available.  Somehow we managed to get where we were going before contacting someone for decades.  Let's give that novel idea a try now.  With the holiday weekend coming up a lot of people will be on the roads.  Please…buckle up, drive safely, and don't text while driving.  Let's make this a traffic fatality free Memorial Day weekend. 

I'm Jim Cameron….let us know what's on your mind.

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