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Highlighting Pine Belt bike laws, for motorists too


May is National Bike Month and, as the sun shines and the weather heats up, quite a few folks are pedaling places. Whether you are one of those people who honk at a biker because - yes, they do go slower - or one of those bikers yourself, Hattiesburg Police say there are a few things to keep in mind, whether you're steering the wheel, or steering the handlebars. 

"(Bikers are) supposed to stay with the flow of traffic, not go against it," says HPD Lieutenant. Eric Proulx. "You're also supposed to stay on the road and off the sidewalks which of course are intended for pedestrian traffic ... All traffic signals, all traffic signs, they apply to bicycle traffic as well as vehicle traffic."

Proulx says that motorists are allowed to pass bikes, as long as you don't barrel by. "You are allowed to pass it but you have to make sure it's safe, and if necessary you're supposed to give an audible signal to warn them."

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