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Pine Belt professionals discuss end-of-life preparation


Death is a part of life that nobody really wants to face, but so often grieving families are left to bury their loved ones and try to sort out their financial affairs.

One of the kindest things you can do for your family is to take care of these things yourself, so they don't have to do it at one of the worst moment of their lives.

Whether it's a mother, a beloved husband, or a faithful friend death is something that hurts each of us to the core of our hearts and catches many off guard.

Hayden Mitchell, Executive Vice President, at The First Bank said, "Most people don't like to think about their mortality.

But it's a road we all must travel, so why not prepare?

Mitchell said, "It is not a pleasant matter but something we all need to face at varies times."

Mitchell said, many people fail to prepare because the feel they have nothing to leave their loved ones.

He added, "It could just the matter of do you have a home, a automobile, do you have a checking account just some basic things like that. If you have an account in your name or a deposit account, checking account, saving account or certificate; and you were to pass away it can be locked up and not available to your family to help pay your funeral expenses or be give to your airs unless you have a will."

But before you prepare your will it's important to have a general power of attorney just in case you fall sick and are unable to handle your day to day business.

"Discuss with your family members especial your spouse or a child that is responsible, said Mitchell. "Know, what your monthly bills are, where are your basic accounts held, varies banks, have a listing of the banks with the account numbers. Do you have a 401K? Do you have a IRA account? Who is the beneficiary on those do you have a life insurance?  Where is that policy?"

Life insurance is is another important element you should have. Get a policy on everyone in your home.

Allstate Agent Bernard Green said the unexpected will happen, so you should prepare. He says your family is your most important asset, and having life insurance can often cover funeral expenses and help the surviving family members maintain their way of life.

Green said, "Consult with you attorney or some legal advisor to help you with what we reference to as estate planning. They can help you with things like planning a will.

So before death comes your way and while you still have breath in your body, prepare to die while you live.

On Tuesday, in the final part of our "Preparing to Die" series, we will tell you exactly how to prepare a will and plan an estate for when your time comes.

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