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WDAM Viewpoint: Mississippi gets slammed again

Why is it that everyone in the country thinks it is alright to use Mississippi as the derogatory example for what—at least in their opinion—is ignorance and backwardness?  A few weeks ago we were defamed by a Justice Department Employee for submitting a voter passed initiative in favor of a statewide voter I.D.  Several days ago the governor of North Carolina, Beverly Perdue, railed against her state for voting down an initiative that would have recognized same sex marriage in that state by a margin of 62 to 38%.  That was her opinion and prerogative.  But then she had to wind up her statement with the quip, "We look like Mississippi".  Well the fact is, there are currently over 30 states with bans against same-sex marriage.  Why not use one of them as her example?  To single out Mississippi over all the rest in a way that was clearly meant to say that we are the epitome of bigoted thinking was an intended slur against our state.  When Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant contacted the North Carolina Governor to enlighten her, she refused to apologize or amend her comment.   It seems to me the good governor Perdue has some prejudices of her own she needs to deal with.  One of them is against the people of Mississippi.  Let us know what you think.

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