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"Faces of Hope" presents Becky Sherman

Jones County, MS (WDAM) - Preparing meals, providing transportation, and administering medicine are all part of a normal day in the life of a cancer caregiver.  Becky Sherman knows what's it like all too well.  She never leaves home without her bracelet, a memory of her father.  When a loved one is faced with cancer, it's often those who care for them most that step up to help carry that burden. It was the case with Becky who served as caregiver for her father, Randy, until the very moment he passed away from lung cancer in September 2011.   "He kept his sense of humor through the whole thing, and fought like no one else I've ever known has fought," said Sherman.

In June 2010, her beloved father was given the news that he had stage four lung cancer.  It was made clear from the start that his cancer was terminal. 

"It was a roller coaster ride for him.  He was up and down," commented Sherman.  His fight became a journey to enjoy what time he had left.  Becky, who supported him from the start says it was amazing to watch as others rallied around their family. 

"It was unbelievable how people came together, and helped our family," said Becky with a smile.  She wouldn't trade the time with her father for the world, and looking back she sees the footprints of someone bigger than herself at work. 

"God had his hand in every step of our journey, even before Randy got sick.  God had his hands on every part," said Sherman. 

The 2012 Jones County Relay for Life was actually named, "Rally for Randy," in honor of his memory.

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