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Man's best friend finds a new best friend in the Pine Belt


You've probably heard of the dog whisperer but a local woman is calling herself "The Dog Advocate". Jennifer Crocker's love for all things furry has formed into a non profit organization called Dog Advocate Inc., which she hopes will help the helpless.

They are known as mans best friend but so many are neglected, abused and abandoned. "Dogs are like us," said, Crocker, "They can have post traumatic stress disorder, they can go through mental agony and I don't think people realize that."

About a year ago, Crocker had to put her 14 year-old dog to sleep. Instead of going out to get a new dog, she decided to use the space in her home to help several animals in need.

Crocker is the Founder and Director of Dog Advocate Inc., which for now, is based out of her Hattiesburg home.

"I have just always had an extreme connection with animals of all shapes and sizes and I really want to educate people that they are the same as us, they are living beings. It is something that is a life long responsibility", said Crocker.

Through the power of social media, foster homes and the help of volunteer Veterinarians like Dr. Christine Gibson, she has found forever homes for nearly a hundred dogs, and a number of cats.

Gibson said, "There's a huge need for sheltering and animal care independent of all the other organizations that exist. You are sheltering outside the typical way and I liked Jennifer's approach with social media, facebook networking, where her results speak for themselves."

"What we do is take in neglected, abused, or animals that need severe medical care that have been abandoned. We try to rehabilitate them and find them new homes. We take them into our homes and make them part of the family", said Crocker.

Something, many of the animals have never experienced.

"You know, she is willing to take in the animals that are sick and injured", said Gibson, "In other shelters sometimes the sick or injured are immediately put to sleep."

It's a non traditional approach to give those without a voice a second chance.

"Each new person that knows about Dog Advocate, is another life that could possibly be saved", said Crocker.

Throughout the month of May, Q'doba Mexican Grill in Hattiesburg is donating all of it's tips to Dog Advocate as well as hosting a benefit on June, 14.  20% of the proceeds will go to Dog Advocate.

For more information on ways to help, log onto!/DogAdvocateInc or call: 601-953-3808

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