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Is the "American Dream" still a reality?

The idea of the "American Dream" has always included children doing better in life than their parents. But is that today's reality?

A new study from the non-profit group Young Invincibles finds young women today are earning $1.17 for every dollar their mother earned back in 1980.

But things aren't as sunny for young men. They're making .10 cents a dollar less per hour than their father did 30 years ago.

The group found that young women are doing a little better than their moms at the beginning of their careers, likely due to the strides women have made in the workforce. But men have fewer job opportunities thanks to layoffs in manufacturing, construction and other male-dominated fields.

That has delayed many significant milestones for young adults - things like moving into their first apartment, buying their first house, and even getting married.

It also explains why the gap between younger and older workers is getting bigger all the time. And consider this stat from the Pew Research Center - households headed by someone 65 and older have a net worth 47 times larger than a household headed by someone 35 and younger.

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