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WDAM Viewpoint- Get'Em Delbert

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Hats off to Mississippi Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann for publicly condemning derogatory comments allegedly made by a Department of Justice Employee.  It all has to do with Mississippi's submission to the Justice Department, passed by the voters of this state in the last election that requires voters to present a valid I.D. before voting.  Federal Law has long required any voting change in Mississippi to receive preclearance from the Justice Department prior to implementation.  The employee of the Justice Department allegedly wrote on Facebook in relation to this that the state motto of Mississippi should be changed from the "Magnolia State" to "Shameful and Disgusting".  Secretary Hosemann—rightfully in our opinion--said in a press conference, "I find these comments unprofessional, unwarranted, irresponsible, and misguided, particularly with Mississippi's pending voter identification submission before the Department of Justice."  He also called for disciplinary action against the employee and for the Justice Department to clarify its own position.  Frankly I'm proud of Secretary Hosemann for not allowing this slanderous comment about our state to go unchallenged.  Mississippi has every reason to expect to receive the same respect and courtesy as any other state.  The days of being able to defame our state and laugh it off are over.  We should be just as quick to stand against such bigotry as any other group and demand accountability when we are insulted.  Take it to them, Delbert. We're behind you.

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