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WDAM Viewpoint- One year since we got OBL

It has been one year since Seal Team Six raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan and disposed of the terrorist leader in one of the more daring and successful raids in U. S. Military history.  However, we still haven't received any answers from a promised investigation by the Pakistani government on what role, if any, security forces in that country helped hide and protect the al Qaeda leader.  It is hard to believe that the most wanted man on Earth could set up housekeeping in a large compound right beside Pakistan's main military academy and go undetected.  We have given Pakistan billions of dollars to be our ally in the war on terrorism…especially the part of it that is taking place in Afghanistan.  Yet they have basically turned against us ever since we carried out this mission to take out bin Laden without their participation.  Obviously, not telling them in advance was a smart move on our part since he had been hiding in plain sight in comfort and security for years while we searched the caves and mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan looking for him.  Common sense tells us he had to have had help within Pakistan.  Today they are barely an ally as we try in vain to turn Afghanistan into some form of a democratic republic.  Yet we keep the dollars flowing to a people who basically hate us to allow us to fight a war few believe we can win.  Something is wrong with this picture.  I'm Jim Cameron and we want to  know what you think.

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