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Mississippi Power CEO gives update on Kemper Co. Plant


The $2.8 million Kemper County Power Plant's construction is progressing as planned according to Mississippi Power's President and CEO, Ed Day.

Day says this time next year the plant will be in start up mode, and online May 2014. Day added, the plant's use of a third fuel, lignite, will keep customers rates stable for the next 40 years.

Day says another way to keep rates low is revenue from selling three by-products: C-O-2, Sulfuric Acid, and Ammonia. Day says one of the biggest aspects of the plant is jobs. 1800 of those positions are being utilized now.

"We've got roughly about 800 people on site now. Almost 1,000 of those are from the state of Mississippi. As a matter of fact, we have engaged about over 225 companies from the state of Mississippi. The out flow of dollars to those companies is exceeding $550 million so there is already a tremendous amount of activity from Mississippi companies from Mississippi people helping us build this asset that is going to ultimately keep our rates low for the next 40 years," said Day.

Day says once the plant is finished there will be 300 people on site at the lignite mine, 300 workers at the plant, as well as a number of other jobs. For more information on the plant as well as tips for saving on your energy bill visit http://www.mississippipower.com

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