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"Ugly Meter" app promotes bullying

Cyber-bullying has disastrous consequences.  Kids end up depressed, with low esteem, and some have even taken their own lives in despair.   

The "Ugly Meter" app has become popular in the Apple store.  The latest version of the app even has a "Bully Mode" to help you come up with mean things to say and make it even easier to post photos with mean comments on the web. 

The app has been downloaded millions of times - and that's alarming children advocates who are trying to fight cyber-bullying.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton has a warning:           


1.  Download the app

2.  Run photos through it

3.  The software uses facial details in the photo and the program rates the face on an ugly meter on a scale of 0 to 10

4.  The software then adds a nasty taunt to the photo which you can post together on the web

Theresa highly recommends you check all your home computers and smart phones to make sure your family is not using this app.


Web site of the creator of the Ugly App Meter:  http://www.dappergentlemen.com/uglymeter/index.html

Parent and Teacher resources to help combat cyberbullying:

Stop Cyberbullying:  http://www.stopcyberbullying.org/

Fortalice LLC tracks cyberbullying and other internet issues:  www.FortaliceSolutions.com

Cyberbullying Research Center:  http://www.cyberbullying.us/

Girl related cyberbullying:  http://www.awaythrough.com/

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