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Vitt on Loomis accusations: "This is juvenile."


Joe Vitt took the podium for the first time as the Saints' interim head coach, and took no time at all to defend New Orleans General Manager Mickey Loomis, and blast reports of Loomis's alleged eavesdropping.

"I've been with Mickey (Loomis) now for 17 years," said Vitt, "I understand what Mickey's core beliefs are, and again that's one of the reasons I came...Anybody that ever wants to question Mickey's integrity on something like this, I mean, this is juvenile. This is so bad, what's been reported."

Vitt even went as far as to call the reports "irresponsible," and continued saying he doesn't know every detail of the accusations, only that they're wrong. "I'm not completely abreast of what's taken place or what's been said. I just know it's not true," he said.

Whether or not Vitt's comments prove true are still yet to be seen, as Louisiana authorities and the local FBI have now begun their investigation into the accusations against Loomis.

As if the Saints haven't had enough to deal with this off-season, they still haven't resigned record-breaking quarterback Drew Brees. Vitt addressed that issue as well, saying, "Drew has earned the right to negotiate his contract, and he's negotiating that contract with one of the best guys in the National Football League in Mickey Loomis.

"Mickey's got to have vision and try to protect our football down the road money-wise. This is going to get worked out."


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