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How to be the next big winner

"Large screen TVs, to trips, to money, anything you can imagine, I've won it," says Anjie Henley. 

Anjie has perfected the art of sweepstaking. 

"I have won everything except a car, a house and a Seadoo," she adds. 

She spends about five to 10 hours a week plugging away at the computer. 

"Local sweepstakes are the best because your competition is minimal," she explains.

She likes the locals because it's easy to find out if the company is legit. "You focus in on the contests that you know are legit with prizes that you would like to have." 

Anjie looks for sweeps that can only be entered once. 

"You do have people that do nothing but sit down and enter contests every day," she says. 

She uses websites like and that track every contest she's entered. You can disqualify yourself if you don't follow the rules to a tee. 

"The new big thing is contests on blogs. That's a biggie. They usually have pretty good odds," says Anjie. 

And don't forget radio promotions. Anjie won the best seats in the house from Champps during the Superbowl. 

"I won the recliner I was sitting at and we had a $200 tab for the night," she says. 

Facebook has made sweeping simple. Usually, you just have to put your email in and they'll contact you if you've won.

There are downsides if you enter the wrong contest. You could end up with timeshare solicitations or your information could be sold to a third party. She says you should never have to buy anything to enter. 

Anjie recommends setting up a different email just for sweepstakes entries. If you win anything of value, you get an affidavit in the mail because you will have to pay taxes on your winnings.  

She posts all the sweeps she thinks are reputable on her blog

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