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MegaGate Broadband expands with Wireless Ethernet Service

The Internet is a source we can't get enough of ,and in some cases can't function without.

If you are in the "can't function with out it" category, you may find yourself wanting it to be faster at a cheaper cost. Well, the employees at MegaGate Broadband just made that a reality.

"We've actually been running this product for about a year," said Stan Gwin, Vice President of Technical Services at MegaGate.

Wireless Ethernet is MegaGate Broadband's new service. Gwin believes their product eliminates the biggest problem with the Internet.

"That last mile or getting to the customer typically has been through fiber optic cable, or even more so through copper wires that have been in the ground for decades,"said Gwin.

Gwin added those conditions create poor Internet capabilities or a higher expense, but the wireless Ethernet will bridge the gap.

"It will do that with a more cost effective method, which will also allow us to provide a better quality service,"said Gwin.

Customers will have their choice of three different speeds.

"5 megabyte, 10 megabyte and 20 megabyte," said Gwin.

If you didn't understand that Gwin put's it this way.

"That's pretty fast," said Gwin.

High speeds and low cost. Who wouldn't want this service? But MegaGate says it's not for everyone.

"We're focused completely on businesses with this product," said Gwin.

The Family Practice Clinic has had MegaGate's service for a year, according to Doctor Terry Lowe.

"Our new electronic medical record is all cloud based so we had to be able to rapidly access patient's charts. The fastest option we could come up with is what MegaGate has hooked us up with," said Lowe.

Gwin says the hook up for businesses is easy.

"They would call us and ask for service. We would send a technician out to check and make sure every thing will work right, and then we would install a piece of equipment at their location that would pick up the service, pick up the signal from our tower. At that point then, from the customers stand point, we would hand them an Ethernet connection just like we would on any other product," said Gwin.

MegaGate has two towers in West Hattiesburg and one downtown, with three more to come. MegaGate also offers telephone connections with each wireless Ethernet service. For more information on the wireless and telephone connections call 601-450-5000.

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