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Tea Partiers rally in Jones County


People in Jones County gathered Monday afternoon for a Tea Party rally. The message from speakers on the steps of the Jones County Courthouse demanded smaller government, less regulation and fewer taxes.

About 70 people came together for the event - a number much lower than many of the Pine Belt Tea Party rallies in the past. State Representative Chris McDaniel said the lower turnout at Monday's rally was a concern for the movement.

"It's always a concern," says McDaniel. "The first (rally) I spoke to here, there were several hundred in attendance. But it's what every movement has to go through at some point no matter how energized they are. There's always the possibility they could lose some of their energy and some of their momentum and I think that's partially what's happened here. So my hope is that people will get reengaged in the process and we can save this."

The rally was held on Patriot's Day, which commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord - the first battles in what would become America's Revolutionary War.

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