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'Grate' tricks can help you lose weight

Did you know using a box grater could help you lose weight? Chef Devin Alexander shows how to make the most of this common kitchen tool.

"We are all pretty familiar with the coarse grate side," she says. "We use that for cheese traditionally, and then you can also use it for carrots. So you can shred carrots, zucchini, or even to make hash browns out of your leftover baked potatoes."

Another great use for the coarse grating side is frozen bread, to make bread crumbs.

"I usually start by putting a piece of parchment or wax paper under the grater that makes clean up a cinch," adds Devin. "I use the fine shredding side often, when I want to cover a pizza with cheese. You don't need as much to cover the entire surface if it is finely shredded. That way, you can watch your waist line and still have delicious, decadent bites!"

The fine side can also be used for zesting citrus fruits for a punch of flavor in your oatmeal with a little orange zest, or to make orange chicken.

The extra-fine grating side is ideal for parmesan cheese or cinnamon.

"The final side is the slicing side," says Devin. "Obviously, that's great for vegetables to make them nice and consistent, but it is also great for those wonderful shavings of parmesan, or one of my favorites, chocolate shavings!"

And one last trick: Devin recommends using your grater as a centerpiece! Just place a votive underneath, light it and you'll add instant ambience.

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