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Family of Tulsa murder victim reflects on his time in Hattiesburg

The family of Tulsa shooting victim speaks out The family of Tulsa shooting victim speaks out

In Tulsa, Oklahoma last Friday five people fell victim to a shooting rampage. Two were wounded and three were killed.

One was Hattiesburg native William Terrell Allen. His family talked about his life and the little things you remember when you lose a loved one.

"I don't think he could drive, because everywhere he went he loved to walk," said Evelyn Bester, Allen's sister.

"Everybody would see him walking about and blow at him,'You want a ride?' 'No, I'm good,' " said Terry Haynes, Allen's friend of 17 years.

William Terrell Allen, 31, grew up in a home on Tipton Street in Hattiesburg. His sister says Tipton is the road he would walk every day, but early Friday morning, April 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Allen would take his last walk.

"He was at his brother house and he was walking home, and that's when it happened," said Bester.

That morning, a shooting rampage in Tulsa wounded two and claimed the lives of three others. One of those lives was Allen's. The suspected shooters are Jake England, 19,  and Alvin Watts, 32.

Bester said Friday morning she got the news.

"My son told me and I said,'What! No, that couldn't be real. That can't be real,' " said Bester.

When Allen's mother, who lives in Tulsa, identified the body that's when more information made it's way to Allen's family in Hattiesburg.

"I heard he was shot in the chest. That is what I heard. Several times in the chest," said Bester.

Allen had been in Tulsa for three years. He first went there to visit his mother, but the visit brought him a whole new life.

"He didn't have any intentions of staying, but he met his wife and they got married and he just stayed up there," said Bester.

His life was cut short. According to his sister he was left to die in a funeral home parking lot. The victims of the shooting were all black, which leaves speculation as to whether the attacks were racially motivated. But when you talk to Allen's family you won't hear talk of malice towards the shooters.

"We are not mad at the people who did it. Justice is going to get them,"said Haynes.

"The system up there will take care of them, and so our only concern is Terrell getting him back here and giving him a proper burial," said Bester.

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