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Couples connect with tantric yoga

Tantra and tantric principles - sounds rated R, doesn't it? Well not so fast. A couple in Hawaii is using tantra to create and deepen the connection between partners. And don't worry, it's rated G.

Blending partner yoga with tantric principles, the joining of hand and heart but what is it exactly? Master yoga teacher Murti Hower ERYT 500 explains, "The big part of tantra connection is to see each other and be with each other, yoga poses that we bring into that gets people to learn how to feel that connection."

Murti has been practicing yoga for more than three decades. He and his fiancee Larina were inspired by a tantra mantra retreat they attended in Greece. "When we went there we saw how powerful the connection was by the end and it was 8 days. It was amazingly beautiful and they were doing it with singing and mantras and sufi dancing," he said.

They took it a step further and applied it to couples yoga. "People have lectures on yoga and tantras a lot but they don't blend with couples because they're almost afraid because it got so messed up with the sexuality component that it got a little distorted," he said.

Through breathwork, "asanas" or poses, and "mudras" or hand gestures, they've developed a workshop that helps couples connect. "When we first came we didn't really know what it was all about or what to expect but as we started with the movement you become very connected with your eyes. My husband and I have been married over 20 years, so it sort of brought us back to that initial sort of spark," said pilates instructor and yoga practitioner Kelly Tatz.

"People just really enjoy the experience, they really open their hearts to each other," said Larina Hawkins. Kelly Tatz says "Don't be afraid of it, if you even never done yoga before because it's remarkable the difference it'll make as a couple."

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