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Columbia Alderman speaks out about police chief's resignation


Columbia's Alderman-At-Large Edward Hough is speaking out about the board's recent vote to ask for the Police Chief's resignation.  He's not alone.  Others are wondering what reasons are behind the board's sudden vote.  Hough is the lone man who voted against asking for Police Chief, Jim Kinslow's resignation in Tuesday's 3 to 1 vote.  He'll quickly tell you why. 

"As of now, I support the chief.  Crime has decreased in Columbia.  He's done good things," said Hough.  As for the allegations against the chief, Hough said "you'll have to ask them about that."  By "them"  he means Wendell Hammond, the man who prompted the motion to ask for the Chief's resignation.  Seven on your Side attempted to reach Hammond through multiple phone calls, and even repeated visits to his residence;  which also serves as his business. 

It's an unexpected vote that has some residents wondering if the aldermen do know what's best for the city;  a question that's bound to come up in the next election.  Resident Richard Lokey said, "A lot of people don't like him because he's from out of county, but he's done an excellent job."   Another resident, Cassandra Pittman, commented that "it makes no sense to me.  I didn't know why they'd do this to him.  I didn't understand why."  Others are just wanting to know a reason for the board's vote. 

"I just don't know enough about it.  I'd like to see the reason to understand the situation," said Resident Cary Wiliams.  It will all boil down to the next Board of Alderman meeting where their next step could be to fire Kinslow since he's declined to resign.   


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