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Writings of alleged Cucos shooter lead to more questions


Witnesses say the gunman who walked into a Hattiesburg restaurant and opened fire on Monday injuring five people seemed as though he was searching for someone, but police say they are not sure what his motive may have been.

Police arrested Scott Tyner, 44, on Monday and charged him with five counts of aggravated assault after he allegedly walked into Cucos restaurant on Highway 49 and shot five people around 3 p.m. Witnesses said the shooter began firing immediately after walking into the restaurant without saying a word or being provoked. Customers and employees scrambled for cover, turning over tables to hide behind, and then the shooter left on foot.

"We do not know what his motive was for the shooting," said Hattiesburg Police Department spokesman Lt. Eric Proulx. "One of the employees was able to keep him in sight and directed our officers to apprehend him."

Tyner lives on South 21st Avenue, near the scene of the shooting. Neighbors said he kept to himself, but usually left his front door open and back porch light on. They said he shaved his head a few days before the shooting and started keeping his door closed and the light off. They also mentioned he was helpful after the neighborhood suffered damages following Hurricane Katrina.

Tyner has a history of being involved in local politics. He was once a member of the Forrest County Democratic Executive Committee and often spoke at Hattiesburg City Council meetings. He was vocal during the controversy surrounding former Hattiesburg Police Chief David Wynn's handling of the department in 2005. Tyner also has had several politically charged opinion pieces published on the Internet and in local newspapers. The most recent writing published under the name of Scott Tyner from Hattiesburg at www.opednews.com criticizes reports concerning the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and expressed the belief those buildings were destroyed by controlled demolitions and not from burning jet fuel. Other writings, in the diary section, mention gun control and the ramifications of "the removal of the ability of states and citizens to stand up to a U.S. military dictatorship."

The injured were transported to a local hospital. A mother and her two daughters, a waitress, and a bar patron are among the injured. Three of the five are listed in good condition, one of whom is a student at Hattiesburg High School.

The Hattiesburg Police Department, Fire Department and AAA Ambulance service responded to the incident.

Cucos restaurant is closed until further notice.

Link to OpEdNews articles written by a user named Scott Tyner from Hattiesburg: http://www.opednews.com/author/author1958.html

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