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Jones County School superintendent speaks out against injustice


On Wednesday, a group lead by Cherraye Oats from the Fanny Lou Hamer Center for Change spoke out against what they called injustice in the Jones County School System.

Oats said, "Young people are being pushed out of school. And what I mean by being pushed out is they are being pushed from getting an education into the justice system."

But Jones County School Superintendent Tommy Parker said if students cannot follow the rules they have to go.

Parker said, "It is my responsibility to provide the 99 percent of our students that are in school with a good education and safe orderly environment., and we can't allow just a small group of students to disrupt that. We are not going to allow that. That is my responsibility."

A responsibility that he said he does not take lightly.

Parker said, "I don't really think that reasonable parents can condone action of their students that are violating school rules and state law."

Parker said as far as the allegations surrounding some administrators abusing and mis-treating students, they are unfounded.

Parker said if parents have any issues the doors at the Jones County School District are always open.

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