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Hattiesburg police round up alleged drug dealers before dawn


Hattiesburg Police officers launched Operation Early Bird before dawn Friday morning, arresting two dozen suspects for drug crimes.

Twenty-eight officers from HPD's strike, net and metro units broke into three teams, spreading out across the city to raid homes of suspected drug dealers that were identified in approximately six weeks of surveillance and intelligence work.

Across Hattiesburg, five and six squad cars at a time rolled up to homes, officers poured out surrounding the residence, kicking in doors - if warrants allowed - and hunting suspects wanted in drug deal investigations.

The operations targeted gang members and after more than seven hours of raids, brought 36 felony charges, seized three guns and over $2,400 in cash.

A police van followed squad cars along city roads; officers involved with the operation had 23 arrest warrants, and warrants to search four homes of identified alleged dealers.

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