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WDAM Viewpoint- Afghanistan Dilemma

To use a lightly censored version of an old ‘coon hunting saying…it seems like it's about time to put out the fire, call in the dogs and go to the house when it comes to Afghanistan.  The latest polls show that about 60% of the American public is strongly of that opinion.  The problem is that you have a country still stuck in time by several centuries that has never had a really successful central government.  It is run by tribes and war lords with ever shifting allegiances that no world power has ever been able to subdue or change.  It's like one of those horror movies where the thing you are trying to stamp out keeps morphing into something else and coming at you in a different way.  The surge technique worked well in Iraq.  Nothing has worked in the long run in Afghanistan.  For sure, we can't afford to allow Al Qaeda set up shop over there again.  We can probably most efficiently do that with a combination of special forces and unmanned drones.  Thinking that we can establish any sort of democratic system of government and ensure the kind of human rights we take for granted may be noble…and at the same time fruitless.  We've been there for 10 years, and expended a huge amount of blood and treasure.  They have asked us to leave.  It's time we did so.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's my Viewpoint…I'd like to know yours.

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