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Judge: Forrest county can fence in oil storage sites


Judge Bob Helfrich ruled in favor of Forrest county Monday, saying the county does have the authority to pass an ordinance putting up fences around oil storage sites.

The county adopted an ordinance in 2010, placing fences around facilities that are regulated by the state oil and gas board. The ordinance was in response to the 2009 explosion at an abandoned oil storage site in Carnes, where two teens were killed.

Delphi oil company challenged the ordinance in court Monday, arguing the oil and gas board had the final say in building perimeter fencing around sites. Helfrich ruled the county had the right to adopt laws to protect its citizens.

Board president David Hogan called Monday's ruling a victory for the citizens of the county, particularly its youth. The oil company has 10 days to appeal the decision.

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