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Hattiesburg to improve sewer lines in the Avenues

Hattiesburg to improve sewer lines in the Avenues Hattiesburg to improve sewer lines in the Avenues

The city of Hattiesburg plans to replace aging sewer line in the Avenues neighborhood at a cost of $1.9 million, which officials say will be offset by grant funding.

Stacks of pipes located on Adeline and 17th Avenue are the core of the 592 Sewer Project, according to City of Hattiesburg Director of Engineering Bert Kuyrkendall.

"What we are doing is replacing old sewer lines that have leaks that have problems with collapsing," said Kuyrkendall.

Kuyrkendall says the current lines along and near the Adeline and 17th area are concrete and more than 80-years-old, which means 80 years of damage which works its way to the surface.

"Well, these lines are so old we are getting multiple cave ins on the line. It doesn't make sense to keep spot repairing. It is time to go in and actually replace the entire stretch of line and the man holes," said Kuyrkendall.

The old lines will be replaced with PVC  pipes. Kuyrkendall says there are several benefits to upgrading to PVC pipes, and they'll serve more than just Adeline street.

"It'll be decreasing the leaks coming into the system, but also being able to handle bigger flows that come through. It will help not only the areas around these lines but also the greater neighborhood area, because really the whole avenues neighborhood feeds into this main truck line," said Kuyrkendall.

Such a big project demands big bucks, but a large percentage of the burden won't be on the city's taxpayers.

"It's called 592 because 75 percent of the grant or the money is covered by a grant from the Core of Engineers," said Kurykendall.

The north side of the project, which is the Grace Avenue and 19th Avenue area, has already started. The south side will begin in four months.

"Brooklane Drive , Adeline Street, 18th Avenue and Timothy Lane," said Kuyrkendall.

As a whole the project will take nine months.

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