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Sisters bring new life to neglected horses

Dori Thompson and Jenny Bridges cares for Trooper at Trails End Horse Haven Dori Thompson and Jenny Bridges cares for Trooper at Trails End Horse Haven

Sisters Dori Thompson and Jenny Bridges are the founders of the non-profit horse rescue and intervention organization, Trails End Horse Haven.

The sisters have two four acre properties where they nurse back to health horses that have been neglected or abused and then adopt them out to suitable homes. They started out by helping law enforcement catch horses that were loose and taking in horses that had been abandoned. Soon they started to be asked to help horses that were in distress.

"Calls started coming in. There's a lot of horses out there. There's more than we can handle," said Thompson. "We're just a small operation, we're not funded. Everything is completely donated."

In January they were asked to go to a property in Wayne County and evaluate seven horses for possible abuse. When they got there they found one horse on the ground who couldn't get up and another was severely emaciated.

"We felt another 24 to 48 hours this horse wouldn't have made it," said Thompson.

The horse on the ground was in real bad shape and had to be put down. The other six horses were rescued and taken to the two Trails End locations to be nursed back to health. Happily five of the six are back to good health and have been adopted. The severely emaciated horse is getting better, but still has a way to go.

"He's probably gained sixty to seventy five pounds," said Thompson. "It's probably going to take three to four months to get a good weight on him."

Thompson and Bridges run Trails End with little help. Four student volunteers from Petal High School assist in the care of the horses at the haven. They are not funded by any agency and money to care for the horses comes from donations and out of the sisters pockets. Though they say what they are doing is not easy, they both believe it is their calling.

"Jenny and I were both here the other day watching Trooper run around in the field as happy as he could be," said Thompson. "That right there is just enough to make the whole thing make me happy."

""It's in our heart, it's our calling," said Bridges. "It's one of the things that god has sent us to do."

The littlest helper is Jenny's four year old daughter Kaitlyn. She goes on all the rescues and helps to care for the horses at the haven."

"She wants to feed and help the horses and she helps me worm them and anything they need," said Bridges.

More information on the organization can be founds at the Trails End Horse Haven facebook page.

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