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Nearly a dozen South Jones students arrested after brawl


On Thursday, one-by-one, parents left the Jones County Youth Court in tears.

Ten students were arrested after a brawl broke out on the South Jones High School campus on Tuesday. Three of the 10 students who appeared in youth court on Thursday were released, the other seven will remain in the youth detention center until their court date on March 28.

Jones County Superintendent Tommy Parker said, "We had some students who were being transported from our alternative school back to their home campus of South Jones which is the normal procedure. While they were being transported there was a young man who created a disturbance on the bus."

Parker said once the bus made it to campus the student was escorted off the bus by the school resource officer, placed under arrest, and put in the police car. Parker said what happened next caused things to get out of control.

"Another alternative school student got off the bus and confronted the school resource officer and the administrator there at South Jones, making threats and using profanity."

Parker said during that time school was letting out, and other students began to chime in on  the incident.

"Several other students made some threats and used some profanity directed at our school resource officer and our school administrators," said Parker.

Those students were also arrested.

Several parents say they didn't understand how out of 200 kids that were screaming and using profanity and why only 10 of them got arrested.

Parker said the district has zero tolerance for the use of profanity.

The parents are requesting to see the video tape from the bus when the brawl broke out.

Superintendent Parker said the days they missed in school will not count against the students. A teacher provides educational courses to all students at the detention center.

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