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Parts of South 8th Avenue in Laurel caves in


City crews in Laurel worked to repair an 8 inch sewer issue on South 8th Avenue that caused parts of the road to cave in.

Laurel City Administrator Dennis Keveryn says "We jumped on it, on an emergency basis and when they got under ground they found a busted sewer line. They repaired the sewer line but in the process of going in, they discovered a large underground culvert that we didn't know was there."

But Laurel resident Charles Parker doesn't seem to care, he says issues like this are something taxpayers should never have to face.

Parker says "We know for a fact that this would not happen in North Laurel. The streets would have been fix and everything would have been just hunky-dory, but here on the south side where it is mostly black, we still seem to be second class citizens and we have to stop that. We pay our taxes as well."

"You know, I am sorry sounds kind of shallow but we are sorry," said Keveryn. "We didn't know the culvert was underground. We are working as diligently as we can with the equipment that we have. If the darn camera wouldn't have broken, if it hadn't been for that we would have had it fix by now."

Parker says "God forbid if emergency services had to come through here, you know those are precious times that we have to get somebody out of here and to the hospital."

Keveryn says the project is bigger than anticipated. He says the city is currently doing everything possible to repair the road. Meanwhile, residents are saying fix the problem or prepare to be voted out.

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