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Rex Thompson explains why spring starts March 1st


April showers bring May flowers as the saying goes, but according to Morning Weather Anchor Rex Thompson today's showers  brought something else.

"Well, actually in meteorology spring starts March the 1st," said Thompson.

Thompson says March 1st is the first day of spring for meteorologists due to the initial change of temperatures going from winter to spring. Thompson added this change can have severe effects, like the tornados that ripped through parts of Kansas, Missouri and Illinois leaving a rising death toll.

Here at home no threats of severe weather so far.

"But tomorrow could be a totally different story as a cold front comes in from the west and we will have a clash of the air masses. So there could be a line of thunderstorms that could develop and move through. Therefore, we could see a potential risk for some severe weather here late tomorrow afternoon into the late evening hour," said Thompson.

These risks are greater whenever there is a warm winter.

"The Gulf of Mexico is very warm and has not had a chance to cool off and a lot of that warm moist air is coming off the gulf and colliding with the cold front, which is causing a lot of problems. So, so far this tornado season has kicked off to be pretty active so far," said Thompson.

A pretty active start progressing to above normal spring temperatures, and Thompson says it's the same story for summer.

"We actually do have now a summer forecast that is out, and the source is the Climate Prediction Center. We can show you that we expect above normal temperatures for the months of June, July and August," said Thompson.

But don't hang up those jackets yet, it is south Mississippi after all, which means unstable temperatures.

"This weekend we will be dropping down into the 60's for highs. So we still have a cold front coming. We are still making the transition from winter to spring," said Thompson.

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