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Jury awards more than $10 million to paralyzed Jones Co. motorist

It was all about the big corporation against the little guy during the closing statements of Graves vs. Toyota. 

Wayne and Mary Graves of Jones County filed suit against Toyota after their son's single car accident on Dec. 1 2008. Former West Jones High School Football player, Will Graves, was driving eastbound in a 1995 Toyota four-runner on Hwy. 84 when he steered left and the vehicle rolled over, breaking his neck and leaving him permanently paralyzed.

Jurors had the opportunity to see the four runner in question. As the wrecked vehicle was brought to the trial as evidence and compared to a new, undamaged, Toyota four runner. The Plaintiffs closing statements argued that Toyota released the 95' four-runner knowing that it's roof was defective and too weak to sustain roll over.

Meanwhile Toyota defense attorneys say the case boils down to the "driving theory". In essence a vehicle, any vehicle rolls over, the driver's head will dive into the roof. 

UPDATE: The Jury ruled in favor of the Graves Family awarding them more than 10 million dollars.  The Jury also ruled the roof of the 95' four-runner was defective.

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