Laurel officials get more complaints about flooding

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel city officials have been hearing increased complaints about flooding after this weekend's heavy rains.

Mayor Melvin Mack says flooding is a long time problem that the city is doing everything it can to address.

"Anytime you have anywhere from one to two to three maybe five inches of rain in one day, you're going to have flooding," says Mack. "There is no way you can stop it, especially when all the rain water is rushing from the upper part of Laurel and the creek is less than a mile from that area, you are going to have some flooding."

Ward Seven Councilman Trey Chinn agrees. Both men say just about every time it rains, it's a problem and has been for years. They say there is nothing the city can do immediately to resolve it. They say the water and sewage line construction that's going on right now won't solve the problem either.

Chinn says "We as a city are working progressively to address all drainage issues in any type of flooding, that be flash flooding or river flooding. When we have flash flooding, flash flooding normally last from a period of 30 to 45 minutes, so it comes up quickly and goes down quickly, so while it maybe an inconvenience for the moment, we ask for their patients to continue work with us.

Meanwhile, for those who live in the flooding areas of Laurel, please be aware that there is a another good chance for rain this Thursday night.

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