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Fire officials share fire safety tips

Myrtle Beach Fire Battalion Chief Bruce Arnel says there are a number of things residents can do to prevent a fire their home.

-- Check smoke detectors monthly, and change batteries twice a year
-- Have a fire extinguisher in your home, preferably not near the stove
-- Do not leave grills or stoves running unattended, and do not use them as heaters
-- Keep space heaters at least 3 feet from all walls, furniture and curtains
-- Do not dispose of cigarettes in disposable cups or garbage cans; use metal or glass ash trays
-- If a small fire does start, use a fire extinguisher or suffocate the flame with a kitchen pan lid

Arnel says proper fire prevention largely relies on common sense.

"It's frustrating for us when we respond to a fire that is preventable, and most fires are preventable," Arnel says.

He adds the majority of fire related deaths are a direct or indirect result of improperly disposed cigarettes or unattended grills or stoves.

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