Career fair helps Hattiesburg students focus on future

Hattiesburg students attend career fair
Hattiesburg students attend career fair

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A career fair at the N.L. Burger Elementary School helped Hattiesburg Students in grades seven through nine begin to focus on their future careers.

More than 1000 students had the opportunity to meet with several vendors from different careers and representatives from local colleges. The program is called Riding the Waves through Success to a Career".

Students entering the ninth grade will now be given a state mandated career academic plan. This plan will offer them a pathway to a particular career upon graduation.

"At Hattiesburg High School and most high Schools throughout the state they will be offered a career option diploma. While we offer a traditional 26 credits diploma, they will specialize in a particular career," said John Simpson, Director of Career and Technical Education for the Hattiesburg School District. "That will take them on to a Junior College or straight into the workforce."

A similar program is being developed which will be geared toward elementary school children.

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