Toyota of Hattiesburg heads to West Hattiesburg

Toyota of Hattiesburg heads to West Hattiesburg
Toyota of Hattiesburg heads to West Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Toyota of Hattiesburg will say goodbye to West Pine Street after more than 35 years.

"Everything continues to move that direction," said General Manager of Toyota of Hattiesburg, Alton Pierce.

Pierce says they will say hello to Highway 98.

"I guess since 2005 we have been looking at different properties, studying price values and the availability of land, " said Pierce.

A space between Bancorp South and Lake Serene Grocery in West Hattiesburg is where the dealership will be for a couple of reasons, according to Pierce.

"Having enough land I guess will be one thing. Cars take up a lot of space. Movement direction, having the traffic flow on 98 is so much greater than the rest of Hattiesburg," said Pierce.

Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley says establishments moving out west isn't a bad thing, because they are still in the boundaries of the city. Barriers Bradley sees expanding.

"We've already had some studies done of growing our boundaries all the way out to 589," said Bradley

Bradley says its a study he hopes to see become a reality.

"I know as a city if we want to grow and prosper we've got to grow our boundaries not only commercially, but we got to grow areas of residential use too," said Bradley.

President of the Historic Downtown Association, Web Heidelberg says he doesn't see businesses moving to the west from downtown or surrounding areas as negative.

"You always have an ebb and flow, if you will, a give and take. One business may move out west but two others may move into town, or expand where they are in town. So, that is what we always see and I  think it is healthy for the whole area," said Heidelberg.

Pierce says he still believes in the West Pine area, and the business will still operate in some way there, but the Toyota name is headed to 98.

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