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Road rules: Who has the right of way?

Drivers usually think they have the right of way and bicyclists think they're the ones that have the right of way. Police are trying to set the record straight.

Both bicycles and drivers have to follow the same rules.

Mike Feduniewicz is like a lot of students. He rides his bike to class every day.

"I don't have a car, so this is my only way to get around," he said.

He knows firsthand how tricky it can be to get around the busy streets.

"I've seen a lot of instances where if I didn't look out for myself and I didn't take that second look, I might have been in some trouble."

Lieutenant Robert Marland is one of several police officers handing out safety flyers.

"It's a matter of sharing the road," he said. "Bicycles on the road have every right to be on the road and motorists need to yield to them."

By law, drivers must give bicyclists at least two feet of space when passing.

But bicyclists need to do more, too.

Bicyclists should yield to pedestrians, stop at traffic lights and ride with the flow of traffic. They also need to pay more attention.

You've probably heard of distracted driving, but distracted riding is also a problem.

"They're talking on the phone, they're listening to music, they're not paying attention and they just ride straight out into the middle of the intersection without paying attention," said Marland.

Many bicyclists admit there's more they could be doing to keep themselves safe on the road.

"Sometimes there's a lot of traffic and it can be congested, so you definitely have to be safe," said Feduniewicz. "I should probably read the rules."

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