Southern Miss Professor heads to Carnegie Hall

Southern Miss Professor heads to Carnegie Hall
Southern Miss Professor heads to Carnegie Hall

When you hear the soprano opera voice of the University of Southern Mississippi professor, Kimberley Davis you might assume a voice like that was nurtured and conditioned from childhood, but the Associate Professor in the School of Music says singing never interested her in the beginning.

"My mother had the vision for piano, and so I started out in piano at a young age taking piano lessons,"Davis.

Davis says she became advanced in piano and intended to major in it, but the world of singing opened up for her after she took lessons in college. Davis says the big push toward singing came from her pastor.

"He gave me my first ticket to a classical concert, and it was Ms. Price. It was Leontyne Price, and he said you are going to be there one day . Never knew it. Never thought about it," said Davis.

What Davis couldn't have predicted was the day she would finally find her connection to singing would be on a day she says she was just pretending to sing the right note.

That pivotal moment has lead Davis to singing in different arenas, teaching for twenty years, and now an invitation to Carnegie Hall. Davis said she was invited by Jacqueline Hairston, who is considered by many to be the national preserver of the Negro Spiritual.

"They wanted to present her music, and what this whole thing is titled is,' An Evening of Spirituals'," said Davis.

Davis says Hairston's choral is center around the soloist that have made her music famous, and Davis said she is humbled to be one of the singers on the stage.

"That really means a lot to me and that's humbling, and that is a strong statement and I'm so grateful. It was the Lord who did it," said Davis.

Davis's voice will ring through out Carnegie Hall on February 19th.

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