Gulfport man admits to taking explosives from Camp Shelby

CAMP SHELBY, MS (WDAM) - One of the four men arrested in the investigation of stolen military grade ammunition says he has been going to Camp Shelby to collect projectiles for scrap for 25 years.

This comes after the four men from Gulfport were arrested by federal agents after finding some military grade ammunition . According to the testimony of a federal agent, the men went to Camp Shelby to obtain the explosive devices along with the man who was injured January 19th when a shell exploded.

One of the men, Jimmy Wilson showed federal agents a hole he cut in a fence at Camp Shelby to drive trucks through to pick up the rounds. According to a published source, bond was denied for Wilson and David Bangs, the evidence shows they exhibited reckless disregard for the safety of others.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tim Powell says with military bases being as large as thousands of acres it is hard to keep constant watch, but with ample signage there is no reason for the public to be unaware of the dangers military impact areas pose.

"We go beyond that regulatory guidance. We place more signage than is required to let them know. Plus, we have had some public campaigns to let the public know the dangers of when they find unexploded ordinance on places like the impact area and other places on Camp Shelby, or any other installation where they may be a firing range or an impact area," said Powell

When told of Wilson's statements in court, Camp Shelby officials say they were unaware of any holes in their fences.