Texting and Driving victim shares story

Local teen Olivia Gunter has a powerful testimony.

The 22 year-old doesn't remember her one-car accident. Short-term memory loss is just one of the life changes Olivia is adapting too after her wreck in December 2008.

Just a few weeks after her nineteenth birthday, Olivia was texting while driving to visit her brother, Brandon, in Jasper County when she missed a soft curve and hit a hardwood tree head on.

After the accident, Olivia was in a coma for over three weeks, hospitalized for two months, and suffered a massive clot in the frontal lobes of her brain. Doctors say her survival is a miracle.

Her mother, Cindy Gunter, says "I'm very grateful for that miracle.  It's tough sometimes, and you need a lot of patience for questions, but I'm grateful that I get to hear those questions.  No matter what we have to deal with, she's here with me."

Olivia's story of triumph has left impressions on many.

Three years after the accident, and Olivia is starting to regain her independence. She's driving now, and is even taking college classes, but the message she spreads is still the same; don't text and drive.

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