Construction will soon start on G.E. Aviation Plant in Ellisville

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup says he is still having to catch his breath when he thinks about the $56 million investment that GE Aviation is bringing to the small town of Ellisville.

Waldrup says, "Everything is regional now. You can't sell Ellisville and you can't sell the Howard Technology Park alone. You have to sale Hattiesburg-Laurel, you have to sale this regional."

Waldrup says the plant will be about 300 thousand square feet and employ around 250 people. He also thinks the plant will draw more business to the area.

Waldrup says "As I said when GE announced they were coming to Ellisville, this was the cornerstone to the tech park. We've had a lot of businesses contact us about coming into Ellisville. We have two or three very very serious ones now."

Waldrup says growth is very important especially when you are a small town. He says being located between two larger cities, Laurel and Hattiesburg, makes Ellisville more of an attraction to businesses.

Waldrup says construction should start on the GE Aviation plant sometime next month and is due to be complete by the end of 2012.