Local band heads to the Big Apple

Local band heads to the Big Apple
Local band heads to the Big Apple

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The six members of SMAASH have been together for three years, and began on the campus of their alma mater.

"We actually started playing for AASO at Southern Miss," said Band member and Manager Aubrey Stanton.

Stanton, says back then they played gospel, but he says the talents of each member showed they didn't have to stick to one genre.

"It's kind of like all of our personal influence we bring them all together, and make one totally different influence on the world," said Stanton.

Member Chris Carter says they would call their genre of music Rock-Hop, but they don't limit themselves to just one genre. You can even find a few performances with a country flavor, meaning no sound is left out.

"Everybody listens to everything. We don't have a closed mind about anything. Anything is possible, " said Carter.

That frame of mind is what brings the band to its biggest stage yet. After auditioning, the band was asked to perform for BET's music countdown show 106 & Park as the shows spotlight artist this Wednesday.

"We actually did better than we thought we would do. They were really impressed by us. They let us know ASAP that they wanted us to be on 106 & Park," said Carter.

The members of SMAASH hope their passion for music and hard work ethic will lead to bigger and better opportunities world-wide.

"This is going to be broadcast all over the nation, and people who have never heard of SMAASH are going to get to here us, and see what we're all about, and we're going to take it from there," said Carter.