Medical House Call: Oasis open MRI

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Southern Bone and Joint is taking MRI scanning to a more powerful level. It's called the Oasis 1.2 Tesla and it is the most powerful whole body open MRI.

It is a key tool used in diagnosing patients and the Oasis 1.2 Tesla makes what is normally uncomfortable for patients, much easier to take.

Head MRI Tech at Southern Bone and Joint, Emily Pendarvis says, "Anxious or claustrophobic, elderly or young, small or large, all patients can approach our unit without hesitation."

Pendarvis scans between 18 and 20 patients a day, for orthopedic MRI's, as well as vascular,spine and brain studies.

"We used to use a .3 open," said Pendarvis, "This machine is  stronger and gives us better image quality."

The MRI table is 82 centimeters wide, which means it can scan patients up to 660 lbs.

"It is completely open on the side, so nothing ever touches the patient on the sides. However, the machine is over the patients face depending on what exam is being performed," said Pendarvis.

The exam takes about 30 minutes and thanks to a new sound system, you can bring your I-Pod or favorite CD to block out that nagging knocking.

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