WDAM Viewpoint: Political Mudslinging

Watching the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination savage one another in the early primaries is a little surreal—because you know that when the dust settles and comes time for the convention, they will all be hugging and high-fiving each other like giddy schoolboys heading off to the senior prom.

Well, this is all a warm up, of course, to the main event which will occupy our summer and fall.  President Obama may be enjoying the current Republican slugfest, but it won't be long before it's his turn in the barrel where—this time—he is likely to get every bit as much as he is capable of giving.

I'm convinced, after decades of observing, that our national politicians, regardless of what they say, quite simply adore these quadrennial bloodlettings.  Well, after the echoes of all the debates and political shenanigans die sometime this October------you tell me if you share in that enjoyment?

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