Charges brought against Collins Zoo

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks brought 27 criminal charges against Gustave and Betty White, owners of the Collins Exotic Zoo on Wednesday.

According to the White's attorney, Regnal Blackledge, this comes after more than two dozen wildlife and highway patrol officers swarmed the Collins Exotic Zoo and seized several animals.

Blackledge says he is filing a court order to move the case from justice court to circuit court, and he is also looking into the legality of the order to take the animals. Blackledge says the Whites never had due process, but the Humane Society Claims the zoo owners were given adequate time to clean up the violations.

The Humane Society filed a complaint with the department and received a warrant to remove some of the animals. Blackledge added the zoo is still open, and some animals remain inside. According to the Human Society, three tigers and two wolf hybrids were transported to Texas.

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