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Create an emergency flash drive for your family

One of the worst situations that can happen to any of us is to be severely injured and stranded without anyone knowing who you are, or how to reach your emergency contacts. Our America Now tipster, Zorianna Kit, has a simple solution that could save your life.

You're traveling out of town and suddenly you have a serious accident. No one knows how to contact your family. The ER team doesn't know your medical history because you're not carrying sufficient ID on you. As valuable time ticks on, you're a John, or Jane Doe. No contacts, no background; you're on your own. But that situation won't happen to you if you're prepared: If you store all your information on a little flash drive, it's something that can be handed over to doctors and they'll instantly know how to proceed.

"Creating your own Emergency Flash Drive is easy to do," says Zorianna. "I created one for my family, and boy has it made me feel safer. First, create whatever information you'd want somebody to have in case of an emergency. That could be anything from contact numbers, blood type, list of medications you're taking, anything that would be useful."

Include anything from the name and number of your spouse, your doctor, your blood type, list of medications you're taking, and any medical conditions you may have, because the last thing anyone wants to do is shuffle through a wallet to look for cards.

Once you're done, insert the drive into your computer. Drag all of that important information onto the drive.  Eject the drive, and it's yours to carry. And carrying it can be done in many different ways.

Flash drives can be attached to key chains or a lanyard around the neck. These days, flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, like a bracelet you can wear or attach to your handbag, briefcase or backpack. There are even pens that have flash drives inside, which is handy for the car or purse. Flash drives even make cute ones with animals that you can use for the kids.

"With two kids of my own, I find it so important that each child have her own flash drive with information," says Zorianna. "But be aware of identity theft! Don't put any credit card information or social security numbers that could get hacked."

"These emergency flash drives are something I can attach to their backpacks, sweaters and jackets when they go on field trips or sleep overs in case anything should happen," she continues. "But I also go beyond that because as a mom, you have to always keep in mind the worse things that can happen. If your child goes missing. you'll need to have something instantly to hand over to the authorities and that's where my family flash drive comes in. I have a scanned copy of my children's fingerprints and current photos, along with height and weight details."

And remember, keep the drive secure and don't lose it! Flash drives are tiny, but they can hold a lot of information so you don't have to, leaving you free to focus on what's important.

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