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Camp Shelby MP spends night with wife after she allegedly shoots him


The manhunt for an attacker who opened fire on a Camp Shelby military police officer took a strange turn Monday night.

Police arrested 30-year-old Tiffany Wright on charges of shooting her husband, Britain Wright, a Camp Shelby military policeman, in the chest at approximately midnight on Friday. According to authorities, Tiffany fired one shot, which hit her husband's ballistic vest and left him with bruising.  

Britain initially said he was shot by a white male in a pickup truck, but Sheriff's Department officials said that from the beginning evidence suggested he knew the shooter was his wife.

"One thing that was suspicious about it," said Forrest County Sheriff Bill McGee, "is even though you would probably be in excruciating pain from being shot with a bulletproof vest on, the natural thing - the most natural thing for a law enforcement officer to do would be to return fire until his gun was empty. And he never fired a shot."

Authorities say Britain said Tiffany called him and asked him to meet her at Camp Shelby's North Gate, a location where she would often deliver him supper. She arrived there in the family car, suspecting he had been cheating, officials said.

"I do think that she intended to kill him," McGee said, when asked whether Wright had known her husband was wearing a ballistic vest. Even though, he added, she had likely seen him get dressed in his uniform for the approximately seven years that they have been married.

"She actually put on his military uniform and - up to and including his cap - and when he approached the gate, she actually exited her vehicle from the passenger side. So, and she never said a thing to him - she walked towards him and he walked towards her and she never said anything to him, she just shot him and went back to her vehicle and left."

Following the attack, Britain was taken to Forrest General Hospital for precautionary evaluation, where Tiffany met him. The two spent the night in their shared apartment, where she was arrested around 6 p.m. Monday.

Britain will likely face misdemeanor charges for the cover-up and could face more penalties from the military. Tiffany was charged with felony aggravated domestic assault.

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