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WDAM Viewpoint- Bryant says 'Bye to Trustees

Newly inaugurated Governor Phil Bryant said goodbye yesterday to the last of the trustees to serve at the Mississippi Governor's mansion.  Four of them were serving time for murder, one for selling cocaine and sixth had been convicted of causing two deaths while driving drunk. This comes on the heels of outgoing Governor Haley Barbours controversial pardoning of over 200 felons during his last hours as Governor.  Several were violent offenders who had been working at the Governor's mansion.  Bryant promised to end the tradition of having trustees work in the mansion and it didn't take him long to fulfill that promise.  We've commented previously on the abuse of power exercised by Governor Barbour's wide-spread pardons…especially those of violent offenders.  It has been a practice to put people who were convicted of so-called crimes of passion to work in the mansion on the theory that they were not hardened criminals, but had acted on emotion and were unlikely to be a threat to others.  Well that was speculation to begin with and often these prisoners would get close to the governor and get pardoned when he left office.  We still don't know what Barbour was thinking about when he issued a total of 208 pardons and he did a terrible job in attempting to justify it.  While not commenting on what Barbour did…Governor Bryant showed by example that his heart is in the right place on the issue.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Write and let us know what's on your mind.

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